Doctor warns the damage cellphone use can cause to spine – WTAE Pittsburgh

stretching before workout

WE hunch over, looking at our phones. We do not realize the pressure we put on our necks and spines doing this. We can cause some long term damage if we are not careful. We need to make sure to stretch it out by finding a corner and placing our palms on the wall, pushing in while we tilt our heads back to get a really great stretch in. We need to start being more aware of this to also prevent Chest Breathing, where we are not getting great oxygen.

Key Takeaways:

  • The amount of time spent bent over looking at one’s phone can negatively affect the spine and therefor one’s health.
  • “Text Neck” can lead to chronic pain such has headaches, back pain, or trouble breathing.
  • Dr. Brent Shealer suggests changing texting position or stretching in order to aid with this problem.

“As people spend more time hunched over looking at their cellphones, doctors are warning of the damage it can cause to the spine.”

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