Do as I say, not as I do, if one wants to avoid lower back pain

young couple people meditating yoga in lotus position at early morning on the beach

As a human being we are created very different and also extremely unique. We all experience problems within our flawed bodies, but lower back pains affect some people a lot worse than others. The strenuous activities and duties that we must do negatively affects our lower back region in fact causing pain. Although lower back pains seems to be incurable while going through the pain there are ways to effectively relieve lower back pain and live a happier life.

Key Takeaways:

  • The greater the degree of curve in the lumbar, increases the amount of stress placed on the human back.
  • If one’s core muscles are weak, then back problems will be more persistent.
  • Most back pain issues will resolve naturally in under 6 weeks, but more severe cases will require care from a specialist.

“Most acute back pain (up to 90 per cent) will resolve within six weeks and most people will not need to be off work for more than a month.”

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