Diagnosis of Pinched Nerves

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In The Back Pain Authority’s article relating to pinched nerves and their diagnosis, they talk about the uncertainty related to diagnosing pinched nerves. They also speak about the many steps that must be taken such as neuro therapies in order to diagnose a pinched nerve and they may end up not resulting positively. In addition, they say that many of this misdiagnosis comes from chiropractors instead of neurologist physicians due to their specialty only in spines not nervous systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pinched nerves are often misdiagnosed.
  • Diagnosis has not been grounded in scientific procedures.
  • Diagnosis should rule out all other potential causes, and should occur under the auspices of a nerve specialist.

“Of all the many possible back and neck pain diagnoses made by medical and especially complementary medical practitioners, pinched nerves are often some of the most illogically pronounced, given the objective facts of the symptomatic expression.”