How Daydreaming Can Lower Your Stress Level

Portrait of posh guy in formalwear sitting and stretching himself


Anyone who has ever faced the wrath of an elementary school teacher or a work supervisor who had to repeat a question in group is well aware of the stigma attached to daydreaming. If you’re daydreaming, it means that you have let your mind wander to the point where you have become completely disengaged from the tasks you have in front of you.

However, in an era where work-related stress has become so severe it is now the leading cause of employee absences in the US, adding some daydreaming time toward daily schedules might actually be hugely beneficial.

As this Good Relaxation piece points out, daydreaming offers a number of benefits to those who are finding themselves being overwhelmed by work stress. For example, let’s say you find yourself faced with a work problem that needs a quick resolution.

The stress caused by the tight deadline will likely keep you from accessing the creativity you need to solve the problem. By daydreaming, you can put your mind in a relaxed state wherein it can conceive of the unconventional solutions needed to tackle the day’s most complex problems. Click below to learn about the other ways daydreaming can be used to reduce stress.

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