D.Core Massage Chairs – Cirrus vs. Cloud

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Furniture for LifeFurniture For Life (FFL) is a company based in Boulder, Colorado. They are the parent company of multiple furniture lines including massage chairs. The massage chairs that they represent, either as a US distributor or as a proprietary owner, include Positive Posture, OHCO, BodyFriend, and Panasonic. Cliff Levin is the CEO of FFL and you may have seen my interviews with Cliff through the years, including one we did two weeks ago at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

FFL has introduced a new line of chairs, known as D.Core massage chairs. The “D” in D.Core stands for “deep” and I would say, based on my experience with our new floor model, the D.Core Cirrus, that the word “deep” aptly represents the type of roller massage you get from these chairs. Very deep roller massage indeed!

D.Core Cirrus massage chair
D.Core Cirrus

The D.Core line is the brainchild of Soschu Inada, son of Nichimu Inada, the founder of Family Inada Japan, one of the oldest massage chair companies in the world. Japanese designed and engineered, manufactured in China, D.Core’s flagship model, the Cirrus, has some very unique features, including arm roller massage, calf rollers, redesigned corrugated roller balls, true Shiatsu roller action, and beautiful US-sourced hardwood side panels. It is a stunning looking chair.

Other more typical features of the Cirrus include foot rollers, zero gravity, low back heat, 9 auto programs, synthetic leather upholstery, 3D/4D L-track rollers, airbag compression, and quad rollers. The D.Core chairs come with a 3 year parts and labor in-home warranty.

There are some differences between the Cirrus and the less expensive Cloud model. Here is a list of those differences:

  1. The Cirrus has arm rollers, the Cloud does not.
  2. The Cirrus has calf rollers, the Cloud does not.
  3. The Cirrus has a heat feature, the Cloud does not.
  4. The Cirrus has thigh airbags, the Cloud does not.
  5. The Cirrus has the Shiatsu roller action, the Cloud does not.
  6. The price of the Cirrus is $7999, the price of the Cloud is $6999.

Below is a very brief video of the roller action, along with the redesigned roller balls, of the D.Core chairs.

The calf and arm roller technologies are proprietary, along with the True Shiatsu roller action. I have had the roller action explained to me by the folks at FFL, but I am still not completely clear on how it works. It has something to do with the rollers being able to extend into the back musculature and then a secondary extension mechanism to facilitate an even deeper shiatsu massage. I would defer to anyone at FFL to explain the roller action in greater (and most likely more accurate) detail that what I have just written, in the comment section below this article.

Of course, I will write a full review of the D.Core Cirrus model in the near future, where I will go into greater detail about how the chair feels and works. I can certainly attest to the deep tissue roller massage, particularly in the neck and shoulders region. It is very strong, perfect for folks looking for a really deep massage.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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