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It has been shown in the results of a survey among college students that stress is present in some and affecting the grades of most. Dealing with stress is important and there are ways to do it successfully. Organize everything one has in order to stay on track towards completing one’s goal. Don’t rely on alcohol to fix a headache or problems. Look for help on campus if one’s need it and don’t work oneself too hard. Give oneself breaks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Numbers culled from the Anxiety and Depression Center of America show that 30% of college students believe that stress has negatively impacted their academic performance.
  • Tackling the things that tense people up requires determining what is most valuable to them and assessing whether those things upsetting them are truly in line with those things.
  • Developing an organizational tool, whether it’s a planner, a bullet-pointed journal, or something else, is a great way to head of anxiety before it sets in.

“College can be stressful. But that doesn’t mean students have to let the stress own them. These techniques can help students cope with stress, and Iowa State provides resources that can help as well.”

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