Constantly having negative thoughts could lead to stress – Deccan Chronicle

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Has your mind been preoccupied with negative thoughts lately? Do you feel irritated time and again? A new study suggests that you might be suffering from stress. Conducted by YourDost, an online counselling and emotional wellness portal, the study notes “negative thinking is one of the major symptoms of stress”.

Key Takeaways:

  • While highlighting that psychological issues like stress are often neglected and ignored, it reveals that in 50 percent cases “irritability” and “pessimistic thoughts” are indicative of the onset of stress, along with other manifestations in mannerisms like irregular eating and sleeping habits.”
  • Reduction of productivity was observed in 36 per cent, while overwhelming feelings and self-criticism increased in about 35 per cent of the participants.
  • The emotional and social fabric of the society has become very fragile. Issues like break ups, family/marital discord, loneliness have only added to the emotional breakdowns.

“14 per cent of India’s total population are in high-stress zone and needed expert intervention.”

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