Combat Stress and Manipulate Time With These 3 Life Hacks – Observer

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Is stress a matter of having enough time? Or is it caused by a state of mind? Ms. Civello, a New York-based expert on wellness matters, presents a compelling case for the latter. The key is living in the “here and now” rather than wasting time contemplating the future or past. Much of what is perceived as lack of time is actually failure to understand, and fully appreciate, our state of mind. The author presents three practical tidbits for achieving this.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having the right state of mind can be just as effective as any other method to combating stress.
  • Work and family are the two biggest drivers to stress in a person.
  • Having a schedule at times can cause more stress than alleviate any.

“Believe it or not, managing your stress level is about controlling your mind, not your schedule.”

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