Chronic Pain: Can we reduce long-term painkillers use?

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Chronic pain is an unfortunate occurrence that seems to affect a growing number of people each day. If you're a sufferer there may not seem to be any solutions to your problem except for long term use of medications. Research though is now working on coming up with solutions to this growing issue, and the results are promising.

Key Takeaways:

  • we presented a provocative perspective on introducing dose-extending placebos in therapeutic plans to boost patients’ outcomes while reducing use of painkillers (e.g, opioids).
  • Extensive research on placebo effects over the past several decades has expanded our knowledge of this fascinating psycho-neurological phenomenon.
  • Dose-extending placebos given in an open fashion avoid the ethical difficulties associated with deception, which is consistent with professional norms governing disclosure and informed consent.

"Disadvantages of placebo use, where it involves deception, involve the ethical problems associated with lying to or misleading patients"