Christmas Massage Chair Shopping in October?

You may think me nuts, but I think you should start planning on getting your massage chair for Christmas now. Here are my reasons:

1. The closer you get to the holidays, the less of a selection you have. Chairs that have multiple colors tend to run out of certain, less-popular colors as the season progresses.

2. Shipping takes more time the closer you get to December 25th. Trust me when I say that it is a madhouse around Christmas-time. Most folks wait until the last minute (myself included!!) and then get into trouble wanting the massage chair chair by Dec. 25th because the shipping lines are filled up.

3. I heard on CNBC the other day that intial sales estimates for retailers were very low because of the lethargic economy. Well, last week retail sales figures were surprisingly higher than expected. So, the thinking is that manufacturers have put in lower than expected production for this 4th quarter, expecting the demand to be down. But, as it is turning out, retail sales are doing better than expected. Bottom line is that their may not be much inventory by December if sales continue to thrive. Massage chairs have already been ordered for 4th quarter and there may not have been enough ordered.

So, that is the rationale behind getting your orders sooner than later. Hope it made sense. I sure hope you are sitting on a magnificent massage chair come December 25th!

Dr. Alan Weidner