Childhood Stress Could Cause Your Adult Weight Gain

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We know that stress can cause weight gain, but have you considered that it could actually be your childhood stress that’s causing it? In a recent national study led by a Michigan State University sociologist, childhood stress appears to be a bigger culprit than stress during adulthood when it comes to weight gain for women. Interestingly though, neither seem to be associated with weight gain for men.

The study was federally funded and can be found in the journal Social Science & Medicine. It is the first study to examine such lifelong consequences of stress on weight change, and has provided some very interesting insights and results.

“These findings add to our understanding of how childhood stress is a more important driver of long-term weight gain than adult stress, and how such processes differ for men and women,” said Hui Liu, MSU associate professor of sociology and an expert in statistics, population-based health and family science.

Read the full story here :: Childhood Stress Fuels Weight Gain in Women

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