Childhood Stress Can Have Deleterious Health Effects Will Into Adulthood

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A newly published study into the effects of stress has uncovered a rather unnerving fact; the stress we experience as children can continue to affect us well into adulthood. The study examined the effect of stress on 7,000 people born in Britain in 1958. The participants who were consistently distressed thorough out their lives had the highest incidence of contracting health problems like heart disease and diabetes. The group that had the second highest incidence of cardiometabolic diseases were those who experienced serious emotional distress as children.

With those findings in mind, it behooves parents to do all they can to make sure their children are not dealing with undue stress. One way to deal with childhood stress is to make sure there are open lines of communication between parent and child. Being able to openly discuss the things that cause us to feel stressed out can be hugely therapeutic. Another method is to make sure youngsters are maintaining a consistent sleep cycle, a healthy diet and are getting regular exercise. Go aod physical health is essential to controlling stress. Lastly, a massage treatment might be helpful to a stressed out child as it is known to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Check out this post to learn more about the effects of childhood stress.

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