Check Out The New Generation of Massage Chair!!

DIY Massage Chair

I found this story on the web while doing a little massage chair homework. Take a look at this picture. It is of a 78 year old Chinese man, Lin Shuseng, and his home-made massage chair. It is made from accumulated scrap and created as a labor of love for his ailing wife. He says it is a work in progress, future additions to include a heating pot to go under the seat to warm the buttock and thighs. It has taken him 8 years to create this masterpiece.

The things that I’d like to try out include the massaging mechanism over the stomach. When I was in clinical practice I met folks all the time who had had massage to the viscera with great results. I suppose it is just a matter of time before massage chairs come out with a frontal massage mechanism.

I also am very interested in what the eye massage mechanism does. I imagine that it doesn’t really “massage” the eyes. The thought of someone massaging my eyes makes me feel almost nauseous! But, perhaps a vibration with heat/cold accessory would work. I have seen those ice packs designed for the eyes for relieving headaches. Maybe that is what he has got going on with that set up.

It looks like he has a scalp massage behind the head. What a great idea! People love scalp massages. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite things about getting my haircut is getting the shampoo job cause it feels so dang good to have someone massage my scalp.

I sure wish I could see this chair up close. I’ll bet that he will get enough press over this massage chair that some manufacturer in China (since that is where most of the chairs are made!) will buy his idea, modify it, and sell it around the world.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Alan Weidner