How Changing Jobs Can Greatly Reduce Your Stress Level

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With the widespread adoption of digital devices that keep us connected to the workplace 24/7 and an overall increase in the number of hours that constitute the US work week, job-related stress is now the most commonly cited major stressor across America.

In fact, work stress has become such a serious issue it is now responsible for the majority of employee absences across all US industries. In addition, a number of recent US studies is shown that working women have more difficult time coping with their work stress due to the fact that they tend to spend more of their time attending to home-based responsibilities.

Since untreated excess stress can cause a slew of health problems ranging from hypertension to a higher risk factor for contracting cancer, US women should make a concerted effort to limit the amount of stress they have in their lives. This recently published Forbes article offers a logical, but not obvious strategy for dealing with the problem: moving into a lower stress career.

The piece outlines 10 different industries that have less stressed out workforces starting with the pharmaceutical field. With an average salary of $103,000 a year, quality benefits and a favorable work-life balance, there’s a lot of advantages to starting a second career as a pharmacist.

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