Change To Our Massage Chair Financing Plan Periods

We are finding that some of the financing plan time frames are getting too expensive for us. We have made the following changes to the financing plans that we offer from GE Home Source:

1. The maximum length of time for the no payment/no interest plan for a  massage chair purchase is 6 months, rather than the 12 months we had offered until now.

2. The maximum length of time for the no interest/minimum payment plan for a massage chair purchase is 12 months, rather than the 24 months we had offered previous to now.

3. The maximum length of time for the 9.9% fixed rate plan for a massage chair purchase is 24 months rather than 36 months.

The changes aren’t too terribly dramatic, but it does affect those of you that are looking for longer promotional periods to pay off your new massage chair. You see, Massage Chair Relief is charged a percent of the total purchase price when we use a financing plan for your massage chair purchase. The interest rate charged to us is higher as the financing period is higher. So, the rates have gone up to levels where it is counterproductive for us to offer those time frames to our clients. This is why we are only offering the lesser time periods.

The good news is that we still offer awesome financing for our massage chairs….just for less time periods!

By the way, we met so many wonderful people at the Utah Boat Show over the weekend. Thank you for taking time to visit with Steff, Mona, Surgey, and myself. We just thoroughly enjoyed visiting with each of you.

Dr. Alan Weidner