CDC Announces New Guidelines Regarding the Prescription of Pain Relievers

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Earlier this week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control issued new guidelines regarding prescription pain relievers. To combat the rising number of prescription painkiller-related deaths in the United States, the CDC now recommends that doctors prescribe the lowest possible dosage of drugs that effect the brain’s opioid receptors. The CDC also recommended that general practitioners make an effort to more carefully monitor any patients that they supply with narcotic medications to prevent against the development of a painkiller addiction. However, these new guidelines won’t prevent chronic pain sufferers from getting the help they need.

Numerous studies have found that getting regular massages can be highly effective at managing chronic pain. The reason why that particular treatment works so well is multifaceted. Applying gentle, targeted pressure to pained areas of the body can relax tense muscles and contorted fascia which can induce immediate pain relief. Aches and pains caused by inflammation can be soothed by massaging around the part of the body that is radiating pain. Doing so will direct blood flow to the affected area which will cause the swelling and sensitivity to fade. And a massage can trigger the body’s relaxation response wherein the brain pumps hormones into the bloodstream that lowers the heart rate, balances the blood pressure and provokes a feeling of profound relaxation that can ease away body pain.

Read the full article here: CDC Issues Tough New Guidelines on Use of Prescription Painkillers

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