Causes of Upper Back Pain

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While upper back pain is less common than that of the neck or lower back, it happens and there are a number of possible of reasons for it. This article explores both the structural and non-structural causes of upper back pain and is definitely worth reading.

Key Takeaways:

  • To achieve a correct diagnosis is crucial to recover from upper back pain.
  • Spinal structural issues are the most common sources of any type of upper back pain.
  • Many cases of upper back discomfort are not caused by any spinal issue or other structural injury.

“the human body is designed to be strong, resilient and fully capable of healing. It goes against our natural engineering to think that minor structural issues could possibly be responsible for the types of severe and persistent pain that are often blamed on them. Additionally, since many of these conditions include symptoms that do not correlate to the diagnostic theory proposed, the chances of structural-based diagnoses in the upper thoracic spine being valid are lower than ever before. Keep this in mind as you pursue diagnosis, treatment and recovery.”