Can Your Smartphone Cause Neck and Back Pain?

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massage-color-20Have you recently woken up to find your neck or back locked up? The culprit might be stress, or it might be something totally unexpected. As people are using smartphones more and more, they’re spending more time looking down at their hands. That means that posture is deteriorating, and neck and back pain is increasing.

Sure, your iPhone 6 display is gorgeous, and it’s difficult to take your eyes off of it. But if you want to save your neck and back from phone-related pain, there are some posture tips you should be following every day. First, when standing, picture a straight line running from your ear to your ankle. This line, called the plumb line, would also touch your shoulder, hip, and knee. When you’re sitting, pull your shoulders back and down and engage your core muscles by bringing your belly button toward your spine. This will keep you from falling into a slouch. You should also limit the amount of time you spend in one position while on your phone. Switch up your body position to keep muscle fatigue from setting in. Stick to this regimen, and your phone won’t cause you any more pain!

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