Can Low Back Pain Be Managed Without Surgery or Drugs? – Medscape

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Perhaps you bent the wrong way while lifting something heavy. Or you’re dealing with a degenerative condition like arthritis. Whatever the cause, once you have low back pain, it can be hard to shake. About one in four Americans say they’ve had a recent bout of low back pain. And almost everyone can expect to experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nonspecific low back pain is back pain without a specific diagnosis.
  • Support is mounting for treating nonspecific chronic pain not with surgery or narcotic medications, but with therapies drawn from psychology and meditation.
  • The problem is that not many psychologists are trained to offer therapy for pain management,

“Dr Hanscom had surgery for a ruptured disc, but it took him until 2002 to figure out that he could only escape the pain by controlling his stress and reprogramming his thoughts.”