Can I Buy A Massage Chair With My Flex/HSA Account Funds?

This is a question we get a lot around here. Between questions about Flex/HSA accounts and regular medical insurance and whether they cover massage chair purchases, we could almost have an insurance department at Massage Chair  Relief!

Well, I can tell you this…most HSA and Flex spending accounts will cover massage chair purchases. After all, these are considered medical devices and they are primarily used for pain relief. So, the bottom line is if you have money in that account use it for your new massage chair purchase before year’s end.

You are in the 4th quarter of the year, so “Use it or lose it!” as the saying goes. You well know that if you don’t use these funds, that your employer has been setting aside for you, by year’s end you forfeit them…in other words, you lose the money!

Most of these accounts use a credit card system, so you can just order online on this website. If you want to order over the phone, that is just fine too. If you do not have a credit card system, then a check will be fine, too. We can make it work for you. But, act fast because the year’s end fast approaches.

Remember that we also have our Visa Gift Card offer going on this month PLUS you will always get free shipping and bonus gifts with your massage chair purchase.  You’ve already set the money aside…you just may not have known that it was going to be for a massage chair!

Dr. Alan Weidner