Calf Massage – OHCO M.8 Massage Chair (Video)

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Transcript of Video Titled “Calf Massage – DreamWave M.8 Massage Chair”

Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I want to show you how the calf airbags work on the DreamWave M.8 massage chair.

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Alan: Now, they have a feature called ‘Thera-Elliptical Kneading,’ so when the calf airbags inflate, they start to move up and down a little bit, and you can feel the airbag moving underneath the surface to massage the calf, and I’m going to get in here, and we’re going to see if you can see that motion. Now, you shouldn’t wear your shoes when you’re in a massage chair, but OK now, I want you to observe, now watch the airbags inflating on my calves. Once they’ve inflated, we should start to see some movement. OK, just a minute, you can – and I’ve also turned on the calf rollers, you can feel – OK, now, do you see how the calf airbag, this, on the outer airbag is moving up and down on both sides?

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Alan: That’s the Thera- Elliptical massage, and when you do the airbags in conjunction with the calf rollers, which are underneath, you will have a calf kneading and a Thera-Elliptical calf airbag massage working simultaneously. So, it’s really a nice calf massage, it’s a gentle calf massage. It’s not too terribly abusive or hard, and but a very, very nice feature to have, and I can feel the rollers and the – and I’m going to try to take my foot out of here so you can see, I don’t know if you can – can you see my hand moving, can you see my fingers moving, where the rollers are on the calves? And so, the calf rollers are moving, and the airbags are inflating as part of the foot-and calf massage. But that is the calf, the reason I wanted to highlight this feature, with the calves is because you have two things going on.

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Alan: You’ve got the calf rollers going on, which is a nice feature, more and more chairs are starting to come out with the calf rollers, and but you’re also getting – sorry, just a minute – you’re also getting the calf airbags inflating and creating a kneading motion in the calf muscles. So, it’s really quite soothing and quite enjoyable.

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