Brookstone & Sharper Image Massage Chairs – They’re Back!

Brookstone & Sharper Image Massage Chairs - They're Back! - rsz sharper image 2

Quite a few years ago, the names “Brookstone” and “Sharper Image” were well known brand names, synonymous with cool tech products, including massage chairs. They had stores around the country that were frequented by millions of people. As a matter of fact, Brookstone probably had  a storefront in your local mall at one time or another.

Well, both companies went through ownership changes through the years and, ultimately, filed for bankruptcy, resulting in the closing of most, if not all, of their stores. I still see small Brookstone stores in airports from time to time, but their larger presence was certainly lost.

Although their business models have basically trimmed down to primarily websites, their names are still well known, remembered, and recognized. As a matter of fact, did you know that the terms “Brookstone massage chairs” and “Sharper Image massage chairs” are still popular terms sought after on the search engines? Even though they have not been players in the massage chair market for years, people still remember them for their massage chairs. Until very recently, those search results provided nothing actually related to Brookstone or Sharper Image massage chairs.

Well, that has now changed, thanks to the licensing of the names “Brookstone massage chairs” and “Sharper Image massage chairs” by two well known players in the US massage chair market. The Cozzia/Ogawa company purchased the license to use the Brookstone name, while, I.C.E. (the parent company of Infinity massage chairs) purchased the license to use the Sharper Image name.

Just a month ago, we introduced the new Brookstone massage chair brand to our website, with their flagship Brookstone Mach IX model (BK-750). Although we don’t have more than that model on our website, they also have the lesser-priced BK-450, BK-250, and BK-150 models.  The Mach IX is a 3D L-track chair with a myriad of features. The feature-set seems somewhat patterned after, and reminiscent of, the Ogawa Master Drive AI. It comes in blue/black, silver/gray, and brown/espresso colors. I am told that the design of the chair was created by a staffer at the Cozzia/Ogawa main US headquarters in Southern California. Of course, they were built in  China where all their other brand models were built.

And, just last week, we posted the Sharper Image massage chair brand on our website, with the Revival model. They also have the Relieve model, but because of logistical issues, that chair won’t be published or available for another few weeks. Both chairs are L-track models, but only the Relieve has the 3D feature. At $3999, it is a fantastic option at that price point. Infinity is a great company with exceptional customer support. Both models come in the black color only and are also built in China.

Here are the chair models, with accompanying prices:

Sharper Image Revival ($2499) – 2D L-Track

Brookstone & Sharper Image Massage Chairs - They're Back! - SI Revival Lifestyle 1440 shrbcx e1611355979564










Sharper Image Relieve ($3999) – 3D L-Track

Brookstone & Sharper Image Massage Chairs - They're Back! - Relieve 1440x960 3 tqgald







Brookstone Mach IX ($9999) – 3D L-Track

brookstone Blue/Black










Brookstone BK-450 ($4999) – 3D L-Track

Brookstone BK-450 massage chair










Brookstone BK-250 ($3499) – 2D L-Track

Brookstone BK-250 massage chair










Brookstone BK-150 ($3199) – 2D S-Track

Brookstone & Sharper Image Massage Chairs - They're Back! - Brookstone BK 150


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