How Breathing Exercises Can Help You Manage Work Stress

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For millions of people, the greatest source of stress in their lives is not one they can avoid. The unfortunate fact is work-related stress has become so widespread that it now represents the number one cause for employee absences. One of the things that makes work stress so pernicious is that it is not triggered in a place where traditional methods of stress relief, including listening to soothing music or getting a massage, are not readily available. That said, there are certain relaxation methods that you can use to cope with your work-related stress.

As this article explains, breathing exercises are a quick and effective way to regain your sense of calm even after the most stressful situation. It describes how using a few simple visualization techniques and controlling your rate of respiration can do wonders for your mental state. And since breathing exercises can be performed quickly virtually anywhere, they’re a great way to blow off some steam at work. It’s also worth noting that breathing exercises are a much healthier way of coping with stress than consuming alcohol or eating junk food that will only serve to make you more stressed out by spiking your blood sugar. Find out more about just how helpful breathing exercises can be by clicking the link below.

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