Breaking The Stress Of Hurt

using a massage chair

Chronic pain is no joke. Losing sleep over the fact is no laughing matter either , as it leads to numerous and serious health conditions in as little as three weeks. There are some things people can do to help relieve the stress of pain. Make sure to eat a healthy diet, avoiding processed foods, refined sugars and processed grains, as they are generally unhealthy and contribute to inflammation. Let’s get physical is not just a song, it is an effective tool in relieving stress and pain. Finally meditation can improve things drastically by helping to manage the mental stress caused by chronic pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine study, there is a correlation between stress due to pain and insomnia.
  • If people want to get a good night’s sleep and prevent insomnia, it’s important to address any pain they may be feeling in their back, neck and other areas.
  • One way to reduce physical pain is to avoid being sedentary and focus on improving one’s mobility, which has been shown to ease some symptoms of pain.

“Sleep disturbance due to pain is not an innocent event; try to manage the stress, but seek help from a professional if one can’t soothe the pain and increase one’s sleep within three weeks.”

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