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dictionaryAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today for our massage chair dictionary term, we’re going to learn about the body scan override, or the scan override. Now, what this feature allows you to do – and by the way, this is in most massage chairs, but very few people know about it – and I’m going to show you how it works on the Inada DreamWave today, because it’s pretty clear on the remote, and we can show you how the rollers move up and down when you do the body scan override. The purpose of the body scan override is, let’s say you are an extra tall person, and you feel that when you sit in the chair, the body scan is not reading your body right because you’re so much taller that you want that, the rollers to go up, higher up your neck, how can you get those rollers to go up higher, when it feels like they’re only going to like, maybe the base of your neck, or the middle of your neck. Well, a body scan override allows you to do that, what it’ll allow – what happens is when it gets to the section of the scan where it’s detecting the shoulder height, or the shoulder levels, you can use the – move the ‘Roller’ button up, push the ‘Roller’ button up, to move the rollers high, so you’re overriding what the scan is reading, overriding to go up higher up the neck. That’s basically what a body scan override is.

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Alan: So, let’s show it to you on the Inada DreamWave. So, we have this chair on, I just turned on the ‘Morning’ program. Now, the chair is going to begin a scan protocol, and you can see the rollers are starting to go down the spine. Of course, nobody’s sitting in the spine right now, or sitting in the chair right now, so you can’t see with the body, see with a body in there, you wouldn’t be able to see anything if the body was in there, but it’ll go up and down, and it’ll map out your body, and then it will also measure how tall you are, where your head is, and where your shoulders are. Now, when the program, on this, you’ll see on this remote, it’s a little clearer, but it’s going to show in just a moment – OK, and I think, right now it says ‘Locating,’ now it’s ‘Locating Shiatsu Points,’ now it’s ‘Fine Tuning,’ when it gets to saying – OK, ‘Fine Tune Shoulder,’ and now we push the ‘Roller’ up, and you can see the rollers actually moving up now. So, the rollers will move up even higher, and so you’re overriding, so you’re overriding the body scan, and so, fora a taller person, that body scan override allows you to accommodate a taller torso, so the rollers will go up higher up the neck. Now, I wasn’t sitting in the chair, so it wasn’t going up as high as it could’ve, because it was really scanning nothing, but when I’m in the chair, you can move those rollers up, and you’ll see – you know what, maybe let’s give that a try – let me get in the chair, and we’ll try this again with me in it. We’ll turn on the ‘Morning’ program again, with my body in it, we will do a body scan, and you got to keep your head back. By the way, any time you do a body scan, you should always keep your head back, so the chair can figure out where your shoulders and your neck is, or are.

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Alan: So, we’re going to – and I can feel the rollers go down my back now, it’ll come back up, then it’ll do – on this particular model, it doesns T,’ets tp a ‘Shiatsu Point Detector,’ and then it does the shoulder override. So, when we come up to the override, watch the rollers move up my neck. So, now it says ‘Locating Shiatsu Points,’ now ‘Fine Tuning Shoulders,’ it’s hitting the base of my shoulders. So, now I’m moving the rollers up, you see how the rollers are now moving up my neck, now they’re going up a little bit higher. So, now that’s one way that you can override the neck massage, so it started at the base, and as soon as I start overriding the shoulders, the rollers moved up a bit, up my neck. So, that is a way that you can override the scan system on any chair by – and this, again, it’s most chairs – most of the nicer chairs will have this feature. So, again, this, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ this is a definition, a video defining the body scan override, or scan override. If you found this video helpful, feel free to ‘Like’ us, share us, tweet us, ‘+1’ us, whatever it is that you need to do to spread the word about massage chairs on your social media properties, and we will see you on the next massage chair dictionary video. Have a great day, see you. Bye bye.

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