Black Friday 2020 Massage Chair Sales

Black Friday 2020 Massage Chair Sales - rsz istock 505406410

Black Friday 2020 Massage Chair Sales - black fridayBlack Friday has begun for a lot of businesses, even though we are still a week and a half away from the actual Black Friday.  The massage chair business is no different. This whole Covid thing has changed holiday shopping as well, so it seems.

We started getting wind of Black Friday sales 1-2 weeks ago and some of the sales are going on now. If you read my article a couple of weeks ago about the effect of the pandemic on holiday shipping, you’ll understand why these sales are beginning early. If you don’t order in a timely fashion (and that means before Black Friday in some instances), you may not get your chair by Christmas, if that is your drop dead date.  This especially applies to in-home delivery & setup (aka White Glove Service).

This blog post will have the Black Friday specials offered by the massage chair companies we represent. It will be updated as new offers come along, so keep this article tabbed to keep up-to-date. Here is what we have so far, including the sales and the dates of the sales:


Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus – $8490 ($500 off) – 11/2/20 to 12/31/20

Osaki Titan

Free 2 year extended warranty on every Osaki Titan chair priced over $3000 – 11/1/20 to 12/31/20

Osaki First Class – $4999 ($3000 off) – 11/1/20 to 12/31/20

Osaki Admiral – $4299 ($100 off) – 11/1/20 to 12/31/20

Furniture For Life (FFL Brands) 

D.Core Cloud – $3999 ($3000 off) – 11/15/120 to 12/1/20

OHCO R.6 – $6999 ($2000 off) – 11/15/20 to 12/1/20

Free 5 year extended warranty on all FFL products – Positive Posture (exc. Sol), OHCO, Panasonic, and D.Core – 11/15/20 to 12/1/20


Free 3 year bumper to bumper extended warranty on all Infinity chairs ($399 value) – 11/23/20 – 12/16/20


Daiwa Pegasus 2 – $5995 ($5000 off) – 11/25/20 to 1/3/21

Daiwa Hubble – $3695 ($6300 off) – 11/25/20 to 1/3/21

Daiwa Solace – $2995 ($3500 off) – 11/25/20 to 1/3/21


Ogawa Stretch 3D – $4999 ($2000 off) + 3 year extended warranty – 11/20/20 to 11/30/20

Ogawa Active L Plus – $2899 ($1300 off) + 3 year extended warranty – 11/20/20 to 11/30/20

Ogawa Master Drive AI – $8999 ($1000 off) + 5 year extended warranty – 11/20/20 to 11/30/20

All of these offers are reflected on our website during the dates listed. Simply select the “Instant Discount” by checking off the box and your discount will be applied. Free extended warranties will be pre-checked for you already.

We accept all major credit cards and provide Affirm and Synchrony Bank financing options.

Please feel free to contact our toll free number, 888-259-5380, to find out any other unpublished sales we have in our showrooms.

This post will be updated with any additional Black Friday and/or holiday offerings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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7 Replies to “Black Friday 2020 Massage Chair Sales”

  1. Dr. Alan Weidner. Are you familiar with Slayway Full Body Massage chair? If so, what can you tell me about it, I.e., manufacturer, comparable with any top brand, etc. thanks in advance

    1. Hi, TJ
      Slabway chairs are cheaper chinese chairs. Quality is not the same at all as that of the premium top brand chairs. Made in a smaller chinese factory. For full disclosure, I have not sat in one. Also, make sure you understand their warranty and return policy.
      dr. w.

  2. nfinity
    Free 3 year bumper to bumper extended warranty on all Infinity chairs ($399 value) – 11/23/20 – 12/16/20
    Will this also apply to the discounted Infinity Imperial I’m getting ready to order?

    1. Yes it will. Just mention it in the comment section of the check out page and we’ll make sure it gets added on.
      dr. w.

      1. Thank you so much I do appreciate the personal attention not to mention your great videos and helpful information.

    1. Hi Joe
      Thanks for your inquiry. You might consider the Daiwa Pegasus 2, which is built in the same factory as the Novo XT2 and has a similar feel. It does have calf rollers, which the Novo XT2 does not have. It will be on sale for $5995 starting November 25th.
      dr. w.

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