Beyond the core: can Pilates be the panacea for pain? – The National

stretching arms

Pilates has become wildly popular among exercise and relaxation enthusiasts worldwide, due to the array of benefits it can have on the human body. Now, recent studies are starting to emerge that place even greater significance on the positive impacts of doing pilates on a regular basis. These reports show that, in many cases, pilates has acted as a cure for an array of different kinds of pain and challenges, and have allowed people to greatly improve their quality of life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Therapy balls are an effective treatment of pain by helping to release knots in the body.
  • Therapy balls combined with traditional pilates can allievate pain that pilates alone won’t allieviate
  • Medical providers often overlook the simple methods, which are sometimes the best methods of pain mangement

“The segment in people’s workouts that targets the back (which people might have thought inconsequential to attaining that beach body) is the crux of the matter.”

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