Being a tattoo artist is a pain in the neck, study finds

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People think the most painful part of a tattoo is getting the ink done, but what most people do not know is that it is rough for the artist. A study finds that the amount of time the artist spends slouched over a person causes many issues and pain. They often complain of have very bad headaches after a day of hearing the gun. Also they have pain in the neck and back from the slouched position they spend most of the day in. The problems of an artist are compared to those of dentist or doctors who spend time under bright lights and slouched over patients.

Key Takeaways:

  • An Ohio State study shows that all of the tattoo artists studied exceeded maximum recommendations to avoid injury.
  • The most notable strain for tattoo artists was in the trapezius muscles of the upper back, which leads to neck/shoulder pain.
  • Suggestions for tattoo artists to reduce strain include experimenting with different types of chairs, changing positions while they work, taking more frequent breaks, and using magnifying glasses.

“All 10 tattoo artists exceeded recommended exertion limits in at least one muscle group.”

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