Beating Back Pain: Get Moving


When back pain is at its worst, moving around may be the secret to stopping the hurt. Although people might want to lie still and never move again, doing so may only cause the pain to worsen, and that’s the last thing they want to have happen. People can move around without scaring themselves or adding any pain, and doing so will benefit them more than they could ever know. Here’s what people should know about moving around to stop back pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • contrary to popular belief, the best way to help cure back pain is to keep moving
  • people who are active are less likely to feel lower back pain
  • it’s important to deal with lower back pain issues BEFORE it turns into a chronic problem

“New research suggests people who participate in regular physical activity, whether low-intensity activity such as walking or more intense pursuits such as athletics, are less likely to suffer chronic low back pain compared to less-active people”

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