Be Creative to Be Stress Free

healthy young man practice youga in height mountain at early morning and sunrise

Enough about yoga and deep breathing.  What’s something else you can do when you’re stressed?  Psychologists confirm that when you give an adult a crayon, their brains will light back up.  It’s a sort of meditation that takes you back to your childhood, allowing you to unconsciously focus on the good memories.  They’ve even compared it to eating comfort food.

When the idea was first proposed on Hallmark’s social media pages, the likes and shares spread faster than you can imagine.  They turned around and produced a book in two months; they’ve since sold out and have several new ones on the way.  And would you believe it, other companies are even following suit.

Is there something that appeals to you about coloring books, or is it an inexplicable psychological phenomenon that’s become the latest fad by chance?  The human mind loves shapes and designs and patterns, and we instinctively seek out colors we find relaxing or aesthetically pleasing.  But even without the scientific backing, let’s be honest.  This is really, really something!

Now, there’s nobody to judge you for taking time out of your busy day to embrace your artistic side.  Maybe you’ll even color outside of the lines a little, just to see how it feels.

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