Back to school: Put posture to the test – The Livingston County News


Posture is being affected daily by technology. Kids these days while playing video games, looking down at cell phones, and constantly being on the computer are not learning posture at as young of an age as they should be. Common things that people do everyday can affect their posture and cause them to have back, neck, and shoulder pain. Pushing one’s head too far forward on one’s neck can cause too much pressure on the back of the neck and spine. There are many different ways to check and maintain correct posture to avoid future neck and back problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • One physical therapist at Baylor College of Medicine notes that efforts to maintain postural integrity should begin at an early age.
  • Posture-related problems are showing up at earlier ages in part due to the heavy use of technological devices.
  • The further forward the head rests on the spine, the more weight the spine bears, which severely taxes muscles and joints, leading to a range of back issues.

“Children will start having posture problems if they do not work on it sooner rather than later”

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