Back problems? It could be a sacroiliac joint


When people think of back pain, mostly they think of muscle or ligament strains, arthritis, herniated disks...but the culprit could be sacroiliac joint dysfunction. It usually causes pain on one side of the back and radiates down the leg. People's SI joint serves as shock absorbers for the middle of their bodies, and patients normally complain of SI joint pain with standing or first standing up from lying down. People who exercise less are affected more often, as is having a swayback posture. In order to treat this, doctors recommend performing core exercises to take pressure off their backs. Surgery is generally only recommended in rare cases, such as after a fracture.

Key Takeaways:

  • While back pain is associated with ligaments and arthritis, an unexpected cause can be what is called sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction will result in lower back pain that radiates through the thigh, groin, and foot
  • Sacroiliac joint surgery is turned to only in rare cases, and physical activity is the usual recommendation for relief

"If it turns out that a sacroiliac joint is responsible, Flechtenmacher recommends exercise: “The most important thing is to strengthen one's abdominal muscles in order to take pressure off their backs.”"

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