Back pain? Why your cute flats might be the culprit –

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When it comes to back pain, your cute flats might actually be the culprit. Many women experience occasional back and neck pain. According to a new study skinny jeans and a few other accessories can actually impact how your back feels. For women that always carry their handbag around on one side, be aware of the stress you are putting on your back.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to the British Chiropractic Association certain fashion trends — including skinny jeans, oversize handbags and backless shoes — are responsible for back and neck pain.
  • Heavy handbags are the biggest culprit. Lighten the load and occasionally switch arms.
  • High heels and backless shoes can also cause problems because they cause the wearer to walk in an unnatural way.

“You don’t want your purse so low that it knocks against your legs, but you also don’t want the bag so high that you can’t swing your arms — both create problems with your gait.”