Back pain severity and causes range wildly

Doing stretching

Back pain is a simple phrase but it encompasses a range of intensity and causes. It can come from damage to the upper or lower back, which is how it’s categorized by doctors. It can also be the product of other factors such as genetics and primary diseases like cancer. Acute back pain is short lived, in the order of three months. Anything longer is considered chronic and although both should be addressed, chronic pain should be taken seriously and in consultation with a doctor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Back pain afflicts more than twenty five percent of all Americans, either occasionally or chronically.
  • Back pain often occurs when muscles or soft tissues in and around the spine are strained or damaged.
  • Age typically plays a role in back pain; as we age it becomes more likely to experience back pain.

“Work that requires lifting, pushing, pulling or twisting the spine can lead to back pain. Likewise, those who are just sitting at a desk all day may experience back pain due to poor posture.”

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