Back Pain News: Exercises to Watch Out for Lower Back Pain – Christian Post

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To allevitate lower back pain as a condition in today’s age, some have found that exercise is very beneficial. However, some lower back exercises can actually worsen the condition. Squats, sit-ups, and deadlifts have been shown to actually increase lower back pain because of the muscles targeted in that area that are being used. Burpees can actually worsen the effects of both upper and lower body back pains. These exercises aren’t beneficial because the muscles being used are around the area of the spine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people experience lower back pain but some exercises make it worse.
  • Some exercises to avoid include squats, sit-ups, deadlifts, and burpees.
  • Any movements that strains the muscles around the spine should be avoided.

“Squat exercises would not make the lower back ache in normal conditions, but when a person is sore, the muscles around the spine will protect itself from the movement, causing the muscles to tighten around the spine, leading to more back pain.”

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