Back pain? Joining a yoga class may help it feel better –


Yoga has so many wonderful benefits. Anyone can begin using it to enhance their life. In fact, new research suggests that using yoga when experiencing back pain is beneficial. If one’s back is aching and are wondering what to do to minimize the pain that the back is experiencing, perhaps the time to join a yoga class has arrived in one’s life. Learn what should be known about yoga and back pain inside this helpful article.

Key Takeaways:

  • A few research studies have been done on the use of yoga to relieve lower back pain.
  • When provided with yoga classes or physical therapy as well as educational material; in 12 weeks those who completed their sessions were not taking pain medication.
  • Yoga can show small to moderate improvements in three to six months.

“A new study indicates that taking part in yoga can be as effective as physical therapy for relieving back pain. The study was carried out by researchers from Boston Medical Center in the US.”

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