Back pain is no joke, but I’ve got one about MRI scanners!

stretching arms

Getting injured or being in pain to begin with can be very uncomfortable. When seeking medical attention, hospitals can seem scary. Especially with all of the new technology and even the MRI’s. Sitting in a MRI can be disturbing and nerve racking. It’s oddly very quiet but not at the same time. It is a very painless procedure which can take a few minutes. Keeping a calm state of mind is key. Also, no metal objects are allowed in the MRI room, especially if they’re on or inside of someone.

Key Takeaways:

  • If back pain continues to persist, it might be time for advanced diagnostic techniques such as the MRI scanner.
  • While the MRI scan itself is painless, patients must be very careful about their medical history; including if they’ve ever had metal implanted in their bodies.
  • Even though the MRI machine is loud and can be extremely distracting, it’s better than suffering through constant pain of an undiagnosed injury.

“Like thousands of Peterborians I suffer from backpain. For me, it’s a relatively new phenomenon brought on by foolish behaviour in an adventure playground.”

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