How To Avoid Back Strain While Raking

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It’s that time of the year where constant raking of leaves takes place, so make sure you avoid back strain while doing it. No matter what your health condition is, the dynamics of raking can lead to strain and injury to the back, shoulders, and wrists, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedicating  Surgeons.

To was the strain of of the taxing task of raking, take some precautions to minimize your risk of sustaining an injury. Avoiding twisting your body while raking is one of them, and includes using your legs to shift weight rather than your back and not throwing leaves to the side. Using a properly-sized rake for your height and strength also helps, as well as varying your movements so you don’t overuse one muscle group.

Doing some form of light exercise for ten minutes before hand to warm up is another precaution, and bending at the knees rather than waist to pick up leaves is advised. Finally when you’re done, do some gentle muscle stretching or take a hot bath to relieve and relax muscles.

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