Ask the Expert: Dealing with back pain? Keep moving – KUTV 2News

relaxing in the living room

Back pain is never something easy to deal with because it causes so much pain. People try to get rid of back pain by getting a heating pad, icy hot, or just resting. However, when people are resting the pain isn’t actually getting better. According to this article movement will actually help improve back pain, even though it seems like it wouldn’t. When you sit for a long time your muscles begin to stiffen up so movement will help to loosen them and help reduce the pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • People are extremely worried when they get lower back pain although its almost always not a dangerous problem.
  • Not moving when you have back pain is a common misconception people have.
  • Stretching is a key to making sure you do not stay stiff and a couple minutes a day can benefit you greatly.

“We have no control over the spine and say the degenerative process that our spines go through with age, but we do have control over the muscles that surround and protect the sign”

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