Armed Service Members Benefit Physically and Mentally from Massage

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A recent feature in Massage Magazine details the different ways in which regular massage therapy sessions have been very helpful for members of the armed services who have returned to their homes with conditions like PTSD. The article notes that while some soldiers were ambivalent about massage because of its perception as a luxury indulgence, their opinions changed greatly after just one session. One Navy veteran said that getting a massage was an “emotional experience” that helped him come to terms with traumas both recent and decades-old. The reason being, massage is effective at healing a person’s mind as well as the body.

While joining the US military offers a range of benefits that include money for college, job training and the opportunity to form connections that will last a lifetime, it also means taking part in a profession that is highly stressful. As police officers and first responders across the country now, having to be alert and focused for extended periods of time can be mentally taxing. Massage is the effect of easing a way that tension, physically by loosening up tightened muscles and fascia and psychologically by triggering the body’s relaxation response. As getting massages regularly has proven to be effective for members of the armed services, it will prove to be rejuvenating for people who work in less stressful professions.

Read the full article here: U.S. Veterans’ PTSD Helped with Massage

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