Arm & Shoulder Airbags – Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair (Video)

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Transcript of Video Titled “Arm & Shoulder Airbags – Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair”

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Novo XTAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to introduce you to the arm-and-shoulder airbags of the Human Touch Novo XT massage chair. This is the 3D L-track model from Human Touch, which has become quite a popular model.

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Alan: This chair has full airbag capacity. I’m going to demonstrate to you the airbags in the shoulders and the arms, and show you how they work. The first thing you’re going to see – and by the way, shoulder – or airbags on chairs never all inflate at the same time. They channel the air to one particular area, and then another. Stop there, go start here, start there, stop here, and you’ll see that the airbags are inflating on the shoulders right now, and now this serves two purposes.

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Alan: One is to pin your shoulders in while the rollers are going up and down your back, and also, the second purpose is to bring the shoulders back, to kind of work on the posture while you’re getting your massage. Now, if you come around this side, and it’s going to be hard to see, but you can see the airbags now inflating on the arms, and on the arms, they inflate in a sequential manner. This side is inflating now, but what happens is that you’ve got this linen with the little knobules on there to hold the arm in place, but then there’s three separate sets of airbags in the arms, near the elbow, and then the forearm, and then the wrist and hand. So, and it’s a good arm massage, it’s one of the better arm massages of any of the chairs that we carry, but and I like it because it’s sequential.

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Alan: It inflates back and forth, so that enhances kind of a circulation phenomenon for the blood and the lymph, but this chair has very nice airbag control. And of course, you can adjust the airbag intensity through the remote control. But that is the shoulder-and-arm airbag function of the Novo XT massage chair from Human Touch.

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