Are You Unknowingly Stressed Out?

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One of the most pernicious aspects of stress is how easily it can sneak up on us. Being stressed out on a regular basis can lead to the development of serious ailments like hypertension, but symptoms of that condition don’t tend to manifest until late in life. It’s also a common practice for people to rationalize away their dangerous stress levels as a natural part of climbing the corporate ladder. However, untreated stress can increase your risk factor for developing life shortening illnesses such as heart disease, which can seriously undermine your career advancement efforts.

This Bustle article helpfully lists a number of less well-known signs that you may be dealing with excessive amounts of stress. As an example, if you are not generally aware of your heart rate, you may not be aware of the fact that it has steadily increased as you have become more and more stressed out. That’s why it’s a good idea to check your heart rate, and if you seems abnormally fast, you might want to contact your doctor. Or at the very least, engage in some stress fighting activities such as aerobic exercise, massage or spending part of your weekend listening to some of your favorite music. It doesn’t take much to get stressed out, but it also doesn’t take much to reduce your stress level either.

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