Are You Ethnically Prone to Increased Mental Health?

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A report in Medical News Today discusses the possibility that some ethnicities are more prone to mental health than others. It’s based on research conducted by the University of California-Los Angeles Center for Culture, Trauma, and Mental Health Disparities which investigates the extent to which African-American, Latino, and Hispanic citizens in the US are disproportionately affected by chronic disease and mental health issues.

The first of two studies by the Center looked at certain negative experiences common among low-income African-Americans and Latinos. The researchers invited 500 low-income African-American and Hispanic people to self-report stress and mental health measures.

Some of these included experiences of discrimination, childhood violence, poverty and trauma. Overall, the greater the burden people had of these types of experiences over their lifetime, the more likely they were to go on to have the more severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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