Are People’s Pillows Giving Them Neck Problems? – Refinery29

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No matter what position someone sleeps in, they can wake up with aching neck pain. Neck pain experienced upon waking is likely due to the pillow they use. Usually, sleeping on the stomach is the worst position that causes neck pain. Here is a guide to help anyone choose the best pillow for their sleep position to prevent waking up in pain. If these people still have pain, they may need to seek other solutions that are also mentioned.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people suffer from neck problems for a variety of different reasons. A pillow could help them recover from various ailments they face.
  • Neck problems are always difficult, making it important to cradle the strained muscle. Damaged tissue needs to be carefully considered by anyone who wants to recover.
  • The wrong type of pillow could actually cause some neck pain. Avoid neck pain or further strain by purchasing the right pillow for use.

“Typically, sleeping on the back or side is best for preventing neck pain.”

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