Are people suffering from stress? 10 tell-tale signs that people are stressed – Netdoctor

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What are some of the ways that people can tell they are stressed and need to re-balance? Are they drained, or feeling tired, perhaps have a terrible headache? Some people get so stressed out they grind their teeth, and that can lead to even more problems. People can become emotional by being irritable or crying a lot. They can get panic attacks, avoid going out, becoming sick, and plain old eating too much trying to find comfort food.

Key Takeaways:

  • Abnormal fatigue or headaches without some other clear cause are very often a sign of stress.
  • Being overly emotion, such as being easily angered or saddened, can be an indicator of one’s stress levels.
  • Significant changes in habits, such as diet, sexual desires, or social participation is also a key factor in stressed individuals.

“Stress for a short period of time isn’t a problem, but if left unchecked it can affect one’s life and one’s wellbeing significantly.”

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