Alternatives to Drugs for Treating Pain – New York Times

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Today’s society with it’s innovative technologies, has provided many avenues to explore the treatment of pain. History has come along way in this process with many successes and failures. Experts are now looking toward the positive outcomes of moving away from medications to treat pain and focus on more natural solutions. Further attention and emphasis is being put on the fact that pain is not always a primary aliment, but instead could stem from many other underlining health problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recent research indicates that there are nonpharmacological remedies that can help with chronic pain.
  • Forms of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy can be more effective than routine care.
  • Physical therapy is a good alternative if a mindfulness-based stress reduction exoert or CBT expert is not available.

“I thought I might be allergic to natural gas or certain fabrics until one day I realized that I tensed my facial muscles when I concentrated intently on a project.”

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