AAMC health column: Text neck – is your smartphone hurting you?

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It is hard to imagine that with new technology comes new medical conditions. With the majority of Americans now owning smartphones, more and more people are being diagnosed with a condition called text neck. This results in a sore neck and back from staring at our phones all day. Text neck is more common in younger people. Luckily it can be prevented and fixed! Dr.’s are now teaching posture classes to help prevent such injuries. Read more here http://www.capitalgazette.com/lifestyle/health/ph-ac-aamc-0911-20160910-story.html

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a 2015 study, nearly two-thirds of American adults own a smartphone
  • Text neck is exactly what it sounds like: a postural disorder resulting from spending too much time staring down at cell phones or other devices. It can result in neck pain, soreness and pain in the back and shoulders.
  • The disorder is more common among young people, but I have seen symptoms in patients as old as 50. Most people have a cell phone, whether they’re texting or just scrolling through social media, they’re constantly looking down. What that’s doing, though, is adding increased stress on the cervical spine.

“This is an easily preventable condition. There’s no need to suffer from pain in your neck, shoulders or back due to your phone.”