A Very Massage Chair Christmas!!

WOW…was it busy this holiday season! The recession may be here, but I can tell that folks are spending their money on health and wellness products in their own home…like massage chairs. It has been a fun year. We introduced some new models just before Christmas to add to our showroom. We now have the iJoy 250, instead of the recently discontinued iJoy 130; we have the new HT-5005 by Human Touch; and, of course, we have the new Panasonic 30007 massage chair.

Here are a couple of other things I want to touch upon:

1. the biggest struggle I face as a massage chair retailer is the white glove service (WGS) contractors. Now, each of the manufacturers pick their own shippers, and those shippers sub contract out the local delivery and set up for the WGS. It seems that these sub-contractors cause us the greatest distress when it comes to delivering a chair with WGS. I’m not saying that every WGS delivery is a bother…but it seems that the biggest problem we have, when we have a problem (which is not very often) with new massage chairs is not broken down new chairs, but weak WGS.

2. I added a “Product Review” to every massage chair model page. Now, you can go to the product page of the chair you own, or have used, and write a product review about the chair. We welcome all comments, but please refrain from using swear words, vulgar words, racial comments, or pornographic comments.  I think the product reviews will greatly enhance the shopping experience for other massage chair buyers.

3. The Sogno PLUS massage chair is NOT upholstered in leather. Someone told us that somewhere on my blog or website I mentioned that it was a leather upholstery. I was mistaken!! It is a faux leather (which is just a fancy way of saying fake leather, or naugahyde). Most chairs are made of the faux leather because it claims to be more durable over time. Frankly, on the some the massage chairs, I can’t tell the difference, i.e. the Panasonic 30007 massage chair.

4. I have decided to offer the Visa Gift Card special permanently. It has been so well received that I figured you deserved it. You can call us at the showroom and ask for a chair price discount equivalent to the Visa Gift Card amount, in lieu of the gift card (but, don’t tell anyone I just said that!).

Well, that’s about it for now. I haven’t written in a while, what with the busy holiday season and all!

Happy New Year!

Dr. Alan Weidner