A Massage Chair In Iraq!

I was just having a chit-chat with our Licensed Massage Therapist, Steff, and I was telling her about all of our international sales of massage chairs. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we do sell a lot of massage chairs overseas.

Well, in the course of our discussion I mentioned a story about a massage we shipped to a client in Iraq. She thought the story was so cool that she thought I should share it with my readers. So, here is the story.

I get an email from an eastern European oil worker living in Kirkuk Iraq. I can’t mention her name because she asked me to never post her identity on the website because she was afraid her mother, back in Europe, would find out her daughter was working in war-torn Iraq! Wouldn’t that be a surprise to a parent?!?

She wanted to purchase a Human Touch Get-A-Way massage chair, which the company has since discontinued, and have us ship it to Iraq for her. I had never shipped to the Mid-East before (even though since then we have sold chairs to Azerbaijan and Jordan) so I was a little leery about a shipment to Iraq. Well, we got her a shipping quote and, upon her approval and payment, we trusted the massage chair to the shipping powers that be.

A couple of weeks later I got a letter from our client with notice that she had received her chair and that she was absolutely loving it. She also sent photos of the convoy vehicle that carried her massage chair from Bagdad to Kirkuk (the chair was flown to Bagdad and then couriered to Kirkuk by SUV). The truck was completely riddled with bullet holes along the side that was showing on the photo! I couldn’t believe it! She said that although the convoy was attacked by terrorists, the chair made it in one piece and they were absolutely loving it.

Quite a massage chair story, eh? Well, here are her words after sitting in the massage chair upon receiving it:

“Hi Alan, look at my new chair!!!! It’s awesome! It makes me so happy! Do You see those smiles on the faces? 🙂 Me and my Best Friend..

One of my colleague already cornered me and said he would like to order one, too, but he would have it shipped to his home address in the US, not to here..I let him check it out and I give him Your e-mail address..

I don’t even know how to thank You, Alan.

I’d like to thank You for all of Your help, Your honesty, Your full support, Your responsiveness, Your kindness,…Your friendship,…everything!

I am very grateful to You.

This chair will make my life so much nicer here in Kirkuk. I hope I can enjoy it for a long time..

Take care and keep in touch.”

A. V. .

Have a great day, wherever in the world you may be right now. And remember, no matter where you live, we can ship a massage chair to you.

Dr. Alan Weidner