A Holiday Stress Survival Guide

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While the holidays can make us feel incredibly happy and fulfilled, they can also add a significant amount of stress to our lives. Even if you plan ahead, holiday shopping can be trying as crossing every name off your list can be an expensive proposition. It can also be difficult to connect with family if they live out of state because flights booked toward the end of the year are both expensive and a filled to the brim with other weary travelers. And even though everyone knows holiday season comes at the same time every year, there’s always a mad dash to wrap up all ongoing projects at work right before the big holiday break.

Over time, the prospect of having to deal with all those stressful situations can make you dread the approach of the holidays. Thankfully, this article offers a useful guide on how to stop yourself from becoming too stressed out in November, December and January. One of its more useful suggestions is to add some of your favorite song to your daily playlist. While endless old carols and corny pop songs are the most seasonally appropriate tunes, listening to your favorite musicians on a daily basis will keep you in a mental headspace where you can better process over booked flights and frantic coworkers.

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